Panel discussion: Neoadjuvant Treatment in resectable gastric cancer
Moderator: Dr. H. Mirzaei (clinical oncologist)
Member: Dr. S. Mansouri (Gastroenterologist) Dr. M. Mozafar (vascular surgeon), Dr. A. Moradi (Pathologist), Dr. M. Sanei (Radiologist), Dr. F. Farhan (clinical oncologist), Dr. P. Fadavi (clinical oncologist)

Immunotherapy in advanced NSCLC
Dr. R. Stahel (Medical oncologist)

lecture: Liver metastasectomy in GI cancers
Dr. A. Jafarian (liver transplant and hepatopancreatobiliary surgeon)

Panel discussion: Challenging issues in diagnosis and treatment of high grade glioma and its recurrence
Moderator: Dr. K. Anvari (clinical oncologist)
Member: Dr. M. Gharib (pathologist), Dr. E. Keykhosravi (Neurosurgeon), Dr. S. Zabihyan (neurosurgeon), Dr. A. Aledavoud (clinical oncologist), Dr. M. Dayani (clinical oncologist), Dr. M. Mahdavi (Radiologist)

Systemic therapy in Low grade glioma
Dr. Gh. Tabatabai (neurooncologist)

Debate: Role of primary tumor surgery in metastatic breast cancer
Dr. F. Homaei (clinical oncologist), Dr. N. Nafisi (breast Surgeon)