Panel discussion: Challenging issues in High risk endometrial cancer
Panel discussion - Moderator: Dr. A. Ameri (clinical oncologist)
Member: Dr. M. Izadi (Pathologist), Dr. N. Behtash (Gynecologist-oncologist), Dr. M. Rahmani (Radiologist), Dr. A. Soorati (clinical oncologist), Dr. E. Esmati (clinical oncologist), Dr. M. Mohit (Gynecologist-oncologist)

Management of positive LN prostate cancer
Dr. A. Bossi (Radiation oncologist)

Brachytherapy in prostate cancer
Dr.G Kovacs (Radiation Oncologist)

Panel discussion: ethical considerations in oncologic patients
Moderator: Dr. M. Aghili (clinical oncologist)
Member: Dr. A. Jafarian (liver transplant and hepatopancreatobiliary surgeon), Dr. A. Parsapour (PHD in medical ethics), Dr. A.Mosalaei (clinical oncologist), Dr. A. Kazemian (clinical oncologist), Dr. A. Milanifar (PHD in medical ethics)

Mediastinal staging and surgery of lung cancer in IRAN
Dr. A. Daneshvar (thoracic surgeon)

Principles of Radiotherapy Techniques and Contouring in Non- small cell Lung Cancer
Dr. U. Selek (Radiation Oncologist)